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Ramadan Program (July – Aug. 2012)

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It is with a pleasure that we at the Sheikh Idriss Mosque in Seattle Washington congratulate you for being among those who can partake in fasting. We wish the best for entire Islamic Nation for the occasion of the blessed Month of Ramadan 1433 / 2012.

We ask and supplicate the glorious Allah to confer his blessings and peace upon us.

Happy Ramadan and may peace, mercy and blessings be with you.
This months events will be featuring: Sheikh Mahmood Khider AbuAisha
  • Taraweeh Prayer nightly after Ishaa Prayer
  • Iftar; every night for the month of Ramadan
  • Ramadan contest every day after Taraweeh
  • Daily lectures after Fajer prayer, subject The Fiqh of Fasting
  • Lecture; every Saturday and Sunday after Zuhr
  • اِعتكاف(Ittikaf); last Ten days of Ramadan in which the Quran will be completed, i.e. three parts every night. Sohoor will be served after.
  • Iftar; the first six days of Shawall شوّال
  • Questions will continue at individual / group level throughout the month

Eid Prayer

Call the Mosque on Friday August 18th for confirmation

  • 9:45 a.m. at Washington Convention Center – Seattle
Early prayer 7:00 a.m. held at The Idriss Mosque

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