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Ramadan 2013 plans revealed

ramadan-1280x800Will you or a friend be joining the brothers and sisters for daily prayers at the mosque this Ramadan? Then you probably want to know what we have planned!

Everything you need to know is listed below. If you have any questions go here to let us know.


  • Lessons after the Fajr prayer titled “The Messenger of Allah MPBUH guidance”
  • The Taraweeh prayer
  • Trivia questions immediately after the Taraweeh prayer.


  • Saturday: lesson after the Dhuhr prayer titled “The messengers’ stories”
  • Sunday: lesson after the Dhuhr prayer titled “The believer’s Islamic decree”

Last 10 nights

  • Itikaaf
  • Complete recitation of the Quran during the night prayer

Still haven’t downloaded the prayer calendar for this month? Click here!

We look forward to having you, your family and your friends among us during this blessed month.


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