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Ramadan 2014 Ends – Eid is on 7/28/2014

Asaalam alaikum brothers and sisters,

It is official. Salat al-Eid will take place on 7/28/2014.

What do you need to know?

(1) Please remember you MUST pay your Zakat al-Fitr BEFORE you pray! You can either give it to a needy person or give it to the mosque which will disperse it on your behalf.

(2) There will be a early morning prayer at Northgate mosque. Takbeer at 6:00AM. Salat at 6:30AM

(3) The main Eid Prayer will take place at the Seattle Center: Exhibition Hall. The address is 301 Mercer St, Seattle, WA 98109. Takbeer will start at 9:30AM. Salat will start promptly at 10:00AM.

(a) Please bring your own prayer rug
(b) Please allow extra time for parking

Enjoy! May ALLAH accept our fasting and deeds and forgive us for our shortcomings.

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