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The Islamic Center of Washington hereafter referred to as the ICW was established in 2003, under the terms of the Idriss Mosque Trust to ensure longevity, maintenance, public access and benefits of the mosque.

The ICW was created independently as a legal business entity within the State of Washington, according to the 1981 Trust Document, to fill an existing void for beneficiary representation of the Trust property. The ICW is mandated, by the Trust, to maintain active membership on Idriss Mosque Board of Trustees, for ensuring beneficiary representation, in Board actions and decision making related to the Trust property.

The ICW is a federally approved and registered 501 (C) 3 not for profit tax exempt organization. The ICW is designated as a Public Charity pursuant to U S Internal Revenue Code; 170 (b) 1 A (vi). Donations to the ICW are tax deductible and are utilized for the support and operation of Idriss Mosque programs.

ICW Mission Statement

The mission of the Islamic Center of Washington is to professionally manage, maintain and operate Idriss Mosque for the safety and harmony of the public. The ICW mission is to increase public awareness of Islam and Muslims through offering and participating in educational programs, seminars and general public and interfaith activities.

ICW Executive Committee

ICW members are nominated, interviewed and considered for membership selection through a process of discussion and consensus of Committee members, based upon the nominee’s knowledge, potential for contributions, background, teamwork abilities and demonstrated commitment to supporting and promoting Islam. Committee members serve at the discretion of the Idriss Mosque Board of Trustees and the ICW President. Any individual is welcome to nominate a candidate for Executive Committee membership by directly contacting an ICW member or emailing the Committee at

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